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Why Buy When You Can Rent?

Rent, wear, repeat from a specially curated branded outfits by your very own Valen Amijo, Ineke Widjaya & Wulan Wu for as low as IDR 590.000/month.

Free Dry
Free Express

1 Monthly Price,
Rent Unlimited Clothes

Select 3 clothes at a time.


Get them delivered to your doorstep.


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Repeat the cycle during your active monthly membership.

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always something new
Always Something New

Rent new favourites from ~15.000 branded pieces in XS to XL.

fashion freedom
Fashion Freedom

Experiment freely without the commitment.

personalised fit
Personalised Fit

Get size recommendations, personalised to your measurements.

smart wardrobe
Smart Wardrobe

Go clutter-free with a constantly refreshed wardrobe that does your laundry.

Get dressed for any occasion

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Celebrating Fashion Freedom

Experience an endless fashion possibilities, where you can truly express yourself through unlimited wardrobe.

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  • How does Style Theory work?

    You'll browse through our unlimited wardrobe and pick the 3 available items that you would like shipped to you. Clothes will come in a "ready to wear" fully pressed and cleaned condition. Wear them for as long as you want, and when you are up for something new, return them in the prepaid bag included and select your next box of 3 items. There are no additional charges for getting additional boxes of 3 items within the month. Your subscription covers rental, shipping and dry cleaning!
  • What condition are the items in?

    Our luxury laundry partner, Pressto, uses an extensive cleaning process that combines ~20 years of experience in fabric care with advanced dry cleaning equipment. We professionally maintain and inspect all of our items so they arrive in like-new condition.
  • What types of items are available to rent?

    We will be carrying designer garments initially, so this means tops, bottoms, dresses and outer wears. They range from work-wear, day wear, and casual wear to date nights or a girly brunch date!
  • Do you carry my sizes?

    You can download the app to browse our growing wardrobe that ranges from XS to L. We understand it can be frustrating not knowing if an item will fit, that's why we collate reviews from our users to help you decide the best fit for your body. We have also developed a Size Recommendation feature to pick out the most suitable size for each style for you.
  • Do I have to pay for shipping?

    Nope! Shipping is FREE for both deliveries and returns.
  • Do I have to pay for laundry or do it myself?

    Who likes laundry? Leave that to us! We handle the dry cleaning and laundry for all Style Theory items, so just place your used garments into the pre-paid return bag provided once you are ready to return them. Every Style Theory piece is professionally dry cleaned and maintained by experts at Pressto, the best dry cleaner in Jakarta.
  • How do I exchange the items for something new?

    Whenever you are ready to get something new, place all 3 items back in the box before sealing it in the pre-paid return bag provided. You can then schedule a pickup through your mobile app. Once we receive your return, you will be prompted to choose your next 3 items!
  • Can I keep my promotional IDR 590.000 price after the first month of subscription?

    Yes! You can switch to our new 6 months plan to keep your promotional price.
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